Real Estate & Land Use

Whether you are purchasing a home, buying farm land for use in growing a crop, renting or purchasing space for operating of your business, or petitioning the local government to adjust a lot line or boundary, specific documents are required to achieve each of these goals.  It is important to be cautious that all government restrictions for property are reviewed and carefully met while preparing leases and sale agreements when purchasing land or a home.  Different types of farming practices and real estate purchases require specific documents to be prepared to protect the property owner’s rights and the rights of a purchaser of property.  Our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in all of these processes, whether involving residential, commercial, industrial, or rural (farm/forest) property to try and get the best and fullest use of your real property.

  • Commercial Leases
  • Residential Leases
  • Agricultural Leases and Agreements
  • Industrial Agreements
  • Vineyard Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Land Sale Contracts
  • Option to Purchase Agreements
  • Trust Deeds
  • Promissory Notes
  • Mortgages
  • Title Reports and Record Review
  • Easements and Licenses
  • Land Use Applications

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